Cor Klaasen speaks about the quality of Irish book design

Cor was one of the judges of the Irish Book Awards 1980. Here he describes the sorry state of Irish book design at the time.

"Jackets, Covers & Sleeves" Exhibition Opening Wednesday 3 November 2010

The Vintage Irish Book Covers blog are very proud to be presenting this exhibition of Cor Klaasen's wonderful book and record cover designs. We have been looking through the Klaasen family's archive of Cor's work and selecting the most interesting and striking pieces for inclusion in the show. The record sleeves alone will make this exhibition unmissable for anyone interested in graphic design, illustration and visual culture in general.

The opening is on Wednesday 3 November from 6-8pm and all are welcome. Brian Lalor, printmaker and editor of The Encyclopedia of Ireland will open the exhibition.

The exhibition will run from Thurs 4 – Wed 10 November inclusive and will be open daily from 11–5.


Cor Klaasen: Jackets, Covers & Sleeves

Venue: Adifferentkettleoffishaltogether, 18 Ormond Quay Upper

Times:  Daily 11 – 5pm. Thurs 4 – Wed 10 November inclusive

Opening: Wednesday 3 November, 2010, 6 – 8 pm. Guest Speaker: Brian Lalor


Sponsors: The Netherlands Embassy, Gill & Macmillan and Hudson Killeen.



Exhibition Design Week 2010

In the 1950s and 1960s a group of talented and innovative Dutch designers moved to Ireland to live and work. The ‘Dutch School’ as it came to be known included Guus Melai, Jan de Fouw, Bert van Embden, Willem van Velzen, Gerrit van Gelderen, Piet Sluis and Cor Klaasen, amongst others. Over the following decades they transformed Irish graphic design. 

Cor Klaasen was one of the most talented and prolific of the designers in this group, becoming one of the leading book cover designers working in Ireland in the sixties and seventies and his semi-abstract style retains its freshness and vitality to this day. 

An exhibition of Cor's work from the sixties and seventies will be held during Design Week 2010. It will introduce the work of this groundbreaking designer to a new audience and create an appreciation for quality Irish design from the period. The exhibition will also highlight the influence of Dutch design education and thinking on Irish graphic design.

The exhibition will consist of book covers and record sleeves from the sixties and seventies including numerous covers for Gill & Macmillan, Fallons, Helicon, Torc and the Talbot Press as well as a series of striking record covers designed for the Mercier Press.